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Non-profits tend to be run by and tend to employ people who are passionate about social justice and helping others.  They do what they do, not for the money but for the passion they have for what they do.  That said, we all have to eat and we all have the right to a basic standard of living!

The programs we provide at R.E.S.T. Relationship Foundation are FUNDAMENTAL to healthy relationships, communities and society.  The programs themselves have very low overhead and we work to keep it that way. However, the majority of our costs need to go towards paying trainers to educate people.  Necessarily, teaching about relationships must be done in relationship with flesh and blood people!  

Would you consider donating to our charity? We will follow up with newsletters to show you that your money is being put to good use and is helping to change lives.

All donations over $25 will receive tax receipts.

Our first graduates of the Abuse Awareness Trainers Program, Kampala, Uganda
Zoom training on Domestic Violence with men in Malawi
A happy couple


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