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A very happy couple who have completed our Gender Based Violence Awareness training
Our first group of Trainers in Uganda


In November, 2022 we inaugurated our Gender Based Violence Awareness and Advocacy Training for Trainers program.  first group of Gender Based Violence Trainers in Kampala, Uganda.  The eight graduates went through a vigorous 12 hour training course and are now out in the community, sharing what they know with men and women that they encounter.




Since 2020, we have been working with Abundant Life Ministries in Malawi, to educate rural populations about forms of abuse that are affecting their personal and public lives.  Through supportive trainings we have empowered Malawian people to make changes that have positively affected not just their personal lives but entire communities.

Respect. Empower. Support. Trust.  These are the key ingredients for improved relationships and we have living proof of that in Malawi.

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In April, 2024 we trained over 140 people, IN PERSON, in Malawi. Our trainees were men, women, youth, pastors, teachers, and chiefs... 


These certified trainers now go out into their communities twice a week, to check on families, to educate them in abuse and to support them in creating strong, healthy relationships.

In June, 2024 we trained about 150 youth in KAMPALA, UGANDA about Gender Based Violence, particularly in the context of Dating.

We also worked with about 50 members of Reframe Ministries International in Kampala, to educate them about the importance of relationship in maintaining a healthy church community. In addition, we educated them about how to maintain Christian morals and healthy relationships in the home. 



​Sadly a good deal of abuse occurs in faith-based communities. Righting false theology and educating clergy, staff and congregants on the dynamics of abuse, as well as how to deal with victims and abusers, is VITAL for the future health of the faith community. (As we have people with a Christian background in our organization this is the community with which we feel most comfortable working. If you are part of another faith-based community, please contact us and we will see how we can best serve you.)


We are passionate about helping and educating individuals and communities about gender based violence and other forms of abuse...but we also know the fundamental importance of having a safe place to flee to, if resolution of issues is not possible or safety is not guaranteed.  To this end, it is our dream to build a GBV Shelter in Malawi....Stay tuned!

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