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Mothers' Day and Gender-Based Violence Trainings updates in Malawi

Mothers' Day is in October in Malawi. Our partner Moses Njobvu gathered together mothers we have worked with and celebrated with them.  The women also shared testimonies about the effect our training has had on their lives. 

"Because of the lessons you have been providing us, our lives have changed so much and we are helping others to change."

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We offer trainings for individiuals interested in learning more about power and control dynamics in a variety of situations - be they the work place, intimate partner relationships, churches etc.

Classes will be posted here as they are available.

Cost: By donation; minimum $10




Power and control dynamics cause a good deal of trouble in relationships throughout the community.  Race, creed, sexual orientation, and socio-economic levels have no bearing on whether you will or will not experience abusive relationships.  Knowledge is power!  And knowledge brings people together through healthy dialogue. 

Cost dependant on size of group and length of program requested.

You are never too young to learn how to recognise unsafe behavior and how to work together with other people to create safe relationships in a safe environment.  Sign your class up for a tailor-made visit to help your students develop healthy relationships.

Cost: By donation; minimum $50/group of 100 students.

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